What is minimum equipment list (MEL) & (MMEL)? definitions, usage and limitations?

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What is minimum equipment list (MEL) & (MMEL)? definitions, usage and limitations?

Postby CaptainMFT » 17 Jun 2016 04:58

What is Minimum equipment List (MEL), when is it used & what are its' limitations? 
Background authority for Minimum equipment List (MEL) is International Civil Aviation Organization Annex vi, which is refined by ops. MEL is an element of the operations manual. The MEL details the minimum levels of equipment needed to conduct a flight safely. It permits the captain to be sure of the legality of the flight if some equipment is missing or inoperative. 

All items associated with the airworthiness of the airplane and not included within the list are automatically needed to be serviceable. The MEL lists airplane components and systems alphabetically. Next to each entry sits a statement that clarifies if the equipment is required or not for the flight. Because several systems and components are duplicated failure of 1 system doesn't always mean the flight cannot go. The MEL also considers possibility of multiple failures e.g. System A could also be inoperative provided systems B and C are functioning. Some unserviceability might incur some performance penalties or limitations, if that happens; the MEL can spell out the details. 

The MEL isn't meant to {authorize|to permit} continuous operation with deferred defects and will be used to allow short term continuing operation till maintenance is carried out. Some items within the MEL can specify that they will be unserviceable only for a particular number of flights. The MEL is to be used on the ground before taxi. After taxying, any issues are addressed by referring to the NORMAL/ABNORMAL checklists. The MEL is created by the Operator and approved by the National Authority. 

What is master minimum equipment list (MMEL) & who authorizes it?
The master minimum equipment list (MMEL) that is created by the airplane manufacturer and approved in turn by either the air transportation Association of America (ATA), EASA or the JAA. 
The MEL can never be less restrictive than the MMEL

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