Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to - an aviation portal.

What is ? is an online website made to help aviators around the globe; initially we plan to provide ATPL theory material and resource; later we plan to expand our website to provide different facilities to the aviators around the globe!

Why to use
at we provide JAA ATPL theory, resource and other aviation related material. We combine the material which is already freely available on the web but on dozens of different platforms, we combine it all together on a single platform so that people can get benefit out of it under a single website.

What are keywords to describle funPresent?
JAA ATPL theory & resource forum, aviation portal, aviation weather, charts, metar, taf, airport codes, ICAO, IATA, EASA, pilot jobs, non experienced pilot jobs, captain jobs, first officer jobs, aviation videos, JAA ATPL exam preparation.